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Cooking class: Breakfast with Chef Michele Lamorgese

Saturday, 16 March 2019 from noon

What will you learn?

  • We will learn how to prepare the classic Eggs Benedict like a pro
  • How to make the right French Toast with blueberries and maple sirup
  • Make your own granola mixes from start to finish
Michele Lamorgese

Lecturer: Michele Lamorgese

Michele was born on the 20 of August 1974 in the town of Vasto in the province of Chieti, Abruzzo.

From the early age Michele was watching the professional chefs in the restaurant which belonged to his aunt and uncle. At the age of 13 he was hired to help in the kitchen which allowed him to purchase his first moped which he dreamed of.

Cooking quickly became his passion and he soon joined the Hospitality College in Marchitelli.

At the age of 20 he was hired by the Grandhotel in Rimini where he was introduced to nutritional gastronomy.

Michele started moving around the world to gain knowledge. He has worked in Paris at the Concorde Lafayette hotel, Miami,  and the Bella Cosa in London's Canary Warf where he worked with Chef Kentaroo Torii.

In Prague Michele has worked as the Executive Chef at the Zahrada v Opeře restaurant. He has also worked at Vinodivino as well as the Lunadinotte where he was able to work with Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Chef Michele always has his eyes open for latest culinary trends.

He currently works at the Vincanto restaurant in Prague.

Course admission fee:

1 500 Kč per person

The course admission fee includes:

  • All the ingredients which you will need for cooking
  • A four course dinner
  • Printed recipes
  • Non-alcoholic beverages (juice, water, coffee or tea)
  • A glass of wine
  • Apron rental
  • Certificated

What do I need to take with me?

You will not need to bring anything with you will will have everything prepared for you.

Maximum course capacity: 10 guests

Minimum course capacity: 7 guests

The organiser reserves the right to make any necessary adjustments to this course.

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