Čarodějnice - Burning of the witches 2019

Tuesday, 30 April 2019 from 6 p.m.

Ladies and Gentleman,

This year the Savoia Castle is hosting the Čarodějnice or the Burning of the Witches which is a traditional Czech event.

In addition to bonfire a horror route will run through the entire castle where the familiar movie characters will scare the life out of you (This activity is for adults only). Reservation is required, book your horror trip here: www.nocnicnibojovka.reenio.cz. 

This will be the official opening of the new lounge zone under the castle's bridge where you can taste our house specialties, enjoy great wine or choose from a selection refreshments.

The entrance to the castle and the lounge is free of charge. The horror trip costs 150 CZK per person.


The organiser reserves all rights to adjust, edit or cancel the program of this event.

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