Craft Beer Tasting

So what is craft beer? It is believed that only microbreweries can make craft beer as their initial idea of making beer is not directly driven by making a profit, but rather creating a product of great taste and pride in the producer’s craft.

The castle’s craft beer tasting begins with a short tour of the castle. During the tasting guests get the opportunity to try out 6 different craft beers from our region each accompanied with a bite size canape or finger food which greatly compliment each kind of beer. We will explain the insights of the brewing process, talk about the history an origins of beer and explain the fundamental properties of different kinds and styles of beer.

After the tasting you may wish to enjoy a walk or a picnic in our gardens, the traditional afternoon or visit the castle’s Absintherie shop which featured our own produce of wine, calvados, absinth, olive oil, balsamico, etc.

The price of the tour is 700 Kč (28 Eur) per person. Minimum group size is 4 guests.

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