Cooking Class: 6 course barbeque diner with Daniele Govoni

Sunday, 13 May 2018 from 2 p.m.

What will you learn?

  • Learn and apply BBQ techniques and tricks at various grills 
  • Learn smoking techniques 
  • The best American and European BBQ recipes in practice
  • Learn how to prepare rubs, marinades as well as how and where to use them
  • Learn how to properly cut and inject meat
Lecturer: Daniele Govoni

Lecturer: Daniele Govoni

Daniele was born in the Bologna which is located in the central Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. He realised that cooking will be come his biggest passion at the age of eight when he first entered the kitchen of his family's restaurant.

Overtime he has developed interest in barbecue and began participating in championships in Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Here are some of Daniele's recent achivements:

  • 2015 Czech Barbecue Championship 
  • 2016 Black Forest Germany
  • 2016 Brescia Italia
  • 2017 Reserve Grand Champions Wels Austria
  • 2017 Champions league of BBQ England 

You may also know Daniele from his new “Maso je maso” restaurant in Vinohrady.


  • Rosette filled with different kinds of cheese 
  • Flank Steak served with Teriyaki salsa 
  • Chicken wings "Made in USA"
  • Baba Ganoush 
  • Picanha
  • Italian dessert on the grill

Course admission fee:

2000 Kč per person

The course admission fee includes:

  • All the ingredients which you will need for cooking
  • Four course dinner
  • Printed recipes
  • Non-alcoholic beverages (juice, water, coffee or tea)
  • Wine and Prosecco
  • Apron
  • Course completing certificate issued by the Savoia Academy

What do I need to take with me?

You will not need to bring anything with you, will have everything prepared for you.
Maximum course capacity: 10 guests
Minimum course capacity: 7 guests

Note: The organiser reserves the right to make any necessary adjustments to this course.

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